Time Tracking
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Compliance for Developers and Project Managers

WebPal Tempo integrates tightly with Github and uses AI to make your daily time tracking a snap. Never again forget to record your efforts spent on client projects.

Free for individuals and pay-as-go for teams and enterprises.


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As software developers focusing on our clients needs, we all have experienced the tedious and overhead effort of recording our time spent for billing and accountability.

Let’s face it - nobody likes to track time.

At Palomino, we thus decided to automate and connect our time tracking tools directly into the tool we work with every day - Github. This resulted in the release of WebPal Tempo, aiming to make time tracking and reporting a snap.

Below the reasons why we feel you will love Tempo as much as we do:

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    Tight Integration with Github

    Tempo is tightly integrated with Github to link your daily commits, issues and pull requests. You can record time and estimates right within Github or via the the app. Tempo’s AI will even suggest time entries for you.

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    Powerful Timesheet Reports

    Powerful pivot table reporting lets you slice and aggregate time entries to get your timesheet reports look just perfect for monthly billing or project status reports. Forget Excel, and never send an invoice late again.

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    Automatic Access Control

    Tempo does not require you to maintain permissions and access control over multiple projects, clients or team members. All this information is synced automatically from Github. Every team member will have exactly the access they need.


One Plan for Everyone

We take the guesswork out of selecting the right pricing option. Our pricing automatically scales with your use, no planning required.



For individual developers who need to submit timesheets on a regular basis or at project milestones

Github Chrome Extension
Tracking & Reporting App
Unlimited Github Repositories
Pre-built Timesheet Reports


/per team member


For teams that require aggregated time sheets from multiple developers, and reporting for multiple clients or projects

Team Administration
Flexible Pivot Reports
Project-based Reporting

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For teams of 50 or more and organizations requiring custom reporting or integrations

Performance Analytics
Business Intelligence
Billing Workflows
How it Works


How it Works

Tempo allows you to record your efforts in two different ways - you can either work within the Github UI and enter time in the Tempo embedded widget, or use our portal at tempo.webpal.net. This is where you can also create slick timesheet reports and manage team members.


Watch this video for a quick tour.


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